Ashwagandha health benefits

Ashwagandha poses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it is for cardiovascular problems. They keep the cholesterol levels normal. It reduces the bad cholesterol level. Ashwagandha is used in the treatment of anxiety, it is used as mood stabilizer.

Ashwagandha helps to fight insomnia. The ashwagandha leaves contain sleep inducing compouns. They also help to reduce stress levels.

Ashwagandha helps in diabetes management. The root and leaf extracts of ashwagandha helps in fighting diabetes. Ashwagandha also helps in treating cancer. It also stimulates thyroid glands.

Ashwagandha helps in boosting immunity. It helps in strengthening of muscles. It helps to fight cataract blindness. The other health benefits of  ashwagandha includes weightloss, improves memory power, boosts energy, prevents aging of skin, heals wound and also used as skin toner.