Chocolates-the good and bad

Chocolates are favourite for everyone.without any age bar everyone likes from children to old.

Chocolates especially dark chocolate which contain a good amount of cocoa (greater than 70%) is good for you,while white chocolates does not contain cocoa and therefore no need of eating it more as you wont get health benefits that of dark chocolates.

Why you should eat chocolates

Good for heart

Reduces the blood pressure

Decrease risk of stroke

Obesity management

You can eat chocolate a small piece before you eat your meal as it will give you a feel of fullness thus limiting your food intake .

Alert brain

Latest studies found that chocolates especially dark chocolates is very good for active brain in old aged.

Why you should not eat chocolates

Its very rich in calories so there is a increased risk of becoming fat.

Eat chocolates only in a limit not overeat ….